It says that there are connectivity problems and to check network settings. Remove the power cable from the Roku device. Channels can have their own discrete audio settings. Reinsert the batteries into the remote, but don’t replace the battery cover yet. Wait at least ten minutes before reconnecting it and powering it back up. Twitter users have reported problems with ROKU & Smart TVs, My5 app as well as Demand 5. Some Roku devices like the Ultra and Roku Express also have a front LED that will turn solid red when they overheat. All we can do I'm afraid is to wait for Channel 5 to fix it. 4K HDR content may require up to 25 Mbps. When there is a corrupted program on your device. Delete the AT&T TV app from your mobile device and download it again. Global TV has a new app available for Roku! To do this, follow this button-press sequence on your Roku remote precisely: If a restart doesn’t help, your software may be the problem. Copyright ©2021 Designtechnica Corporation. In these cases, the channel provider will need to investigate the issue in order to help resolve it. Your app used to stream has already been outdated. Spectrum App Not Working On Roku. I tend to watch a lot of content on my Roku devices daily and it is a real annoyance to have to reactivate apps if you don't use an app for a few days or a week. When this happens, it can cause a variety of problems from black screens to flashing video, to HDCP error messages. This insane QLED TV deal at Walmart will gives you $100 off a super cheap 4K TV! Normally your Roku can determine the capabilities of your TV, A/V receiver, or soundbar automatically, but sometimes it needs help. The Spectrum TV app works fine on my TCL Roku TVs, and my phone, but it won't open on my new Roku Streaming Stick 3800 or my new Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810. 1) Set it up again. Before moving on, see our section on Wi-Fi problems. Your Roku will update it's Roku software and any apps that have an available update. We're actively working on a new agreement with Roku and hope to resolve this soon,” the support page said. When two or more devices connect via HDMI, they must establish a “handshake.” Generally speaking, once established, that handshake continues to govern the connection without issue. If things still aren't working, update software. Most Roku problems can be quickly solved by a restart, a software update, or in worst-case scenarios, a factory reset. Well, the first thing you need to do if your Spectrum App does not work is to set it up again. Not working for me now - but it used to. Community @drinkie . We can get no help on the phone. One Roku Express, two Roku Streaming Sticks and one Roku Ultra. Disney+ Not Working on Android Fixed! To start the process, you will need to remove the Spectrum Channel from the ROKU homepage, and then you will be able to set it up again. Roku devices come with two different kinds of remote controls. Another solution is to switch your Roku to your router’s 5GHz network if it has one. A “not connected” message on the home screen indicates that you’re either completely outside of your Wi-Fi network’s range, or, you’ve entered the wrong Wi-Fi password for your router. When seated wherever you normally watch TV, if you can see the entire front side of your Roku device, you should be fine. If your Roku device sits on top of other equipment or is located in a poorly ventilated space, it can overheat. The next steps will guide you through reinstalling the app you are having issues with. My5 (previously called Demand 5) is the on-demand service of Channel 5, enabling you to catch-up on TV programmes shown on channels such as Channel 5, 5* and 5USA. Older Roku devices no longer support Hulu. How you do this depends on the model that you are using. Consumers are suffering tremendously with all these one off contracts, awful service from both companies. If the light does not flash, try again. For instance, if you’re using a Roku Streaming Stick+ or a Roku Ultra to stream 4K content from Netflix, all of your devices must support HDCP 2.2. We’re here to help because while Roku is a very popular name in the media streaming world, and with excellently rated products, nothing is quite perfect.This is true across the range of streaming products from Roku, which that start from as low as $29.99, with higher-end options as well. If your plan provides the necessary speed for the content you’re trying to watch, check to see if anyone else in your home is using high bandwidth applications on your other devices. I have tried rebooting everything. Just curious if others have experienced this issue. Check out our full HDMI cable buying guide. If moving your Roku is out of the question, consider moving your Wi-Fi router, or adjusting its external antennas if it has any. Your choice at this point is to stick to non-4K content (only 4K requires HDCP 2.2), find a way to bypass your A/V receiver or soundbar for video (perhaps by using the HDMI ARC connection on your TV), or upgrade that middle device. Enter your search term via the Roku remote, Roku mobile app, or via voice search, and you'll get results from over 500 channels, whether you have them or not. If this happens, switch Auto-adjust back to Enabled. Add the free weather channels below to get your coverage around the clock on your Roku players and Roku TVs! Causes of Xfinity Stream App Not Working. Some apps on my roku, such as pbs kids which my family watches a lot of does not load. 0. I am having the same problem with my roku channel. Many channels on the Roku platform are developed and maintained by the channel provider directly, and they'll be able to best assist. To test to see if this is the problem, try connecting your Roku directly to your TV. Xfinity Stream app problems and how to fix them. Try replacing the batteries with new ones. Well, the first thing you need to do if your Spectrum App does not work is to set it up again. Unfortunately, not all USB ports deliver the same amount of power, and some aren’t intended to supply power at all. If an update for your software or your installed channels is available, it will be downloaded and installed automatically and your Roku will reboot. BBC iplayer and My5 will not. When you select the app it briefly loads but after 2-3 seconds at the pbs kids home screen it goes right back to the roku home screen and closes itself out. It’s not all about Apple users and smart TV users, even Android users are facing difficulties to connect to their respective Disney Plus accounts. Showtime Anytime, A&E, and FXNow are particularly guilty of this. You can check your actual download speed here. Video issues on Roku players. Amazon Video app not working on Roku. In order to activate your Roku streaming player or Roku TV™, it must be linked to a Roku account. But unless each device in your HDMI chain supports the same level of HDCP, the video signal can’t get through and you’ll see an HDCP error. Your Roku account has information on which devices you own and which channels you have installed, as well as your preferences and settings. If it’s Fair or Poor, you should try to improve it. Before trying any of the following solutions, we suggest you first turn off your Roku and connected devices, unplug the power, wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in and power your gear on again. Once you’ve found it, make sure your Roku device is powered on, then press and hold the reset button firmly for about 10 seconds. This guide will provide some troubleshooting steps that may resolve this issue. Hi everyone. These remotes are a bit more sophisticated, so there are several ways to troubleshoot their operation. If the remote works well sometimes, but not all the time, try pulling the batteries out and replacing them. The first step is to try the same battery tricks as above — remove and replace them, or simply install new ones. Never place a Roku device that uses an IR remote behind your TV or inside a cabinet. There is one situation where you may need to replace a perfectly good HDMI cable. According to an AT&T customer support page, discovered by Cord Cutter News, the app became unavailable on Roku boxes, streaming sticks and enabled smart TVs yesterday, January 1. Anybody having problems with my5 app on lg tv not on roku box and now tv box . Dunno. The indicator light will blink rapidly on most Roku devices when the factory reset is complete. Re: Xfinity app on Roku will not work. Roku you are NOT the only streaming service on the internet, REMEMBER THAT! If you see the solid red light or warning message again, repeat this process. As with many problems, a reliable fix is to power everything down, remove and reinsert the HDMI cable ends into each device, and then restart. t even remove the app, so Roku FIX THE DAM PROBLEM! You may also want to check your router’s administration settings to see if there are any unknown devices using your connection. Tried system restart and re loading apps and did not help. It can act as a replacement remote control, plus you can add/remove channels, … With fresh batteries, the remote just goes dead. ... 18/08/20 - 22:51 #5. If this and all else fails, restart the Roku. A Roku device is one of the best ways to dive into a world of smart streaming content. I even tried to log out of my service provider on the roku. If the other devices can’t connect either, try rebooting your modem and router, and then restart your devices. Older HDMI cables might lack the necessary bandwidth to carry all of that data reliably between devices, especially over longer distances like 10 feet or more. Help & troubleshooting for channels on your Roku device, including adding/removing channels, logging in to, authenticating, or activating a channel, channel-specific playback issues, assistance contacting channel publishers to report issues, and adjusting channel-specific settings. If your Roku is connected to an A/V receiver or soundbar using an optical (TOSLink) cable, try the following: If your Roku is connected to an A/V receiver, soundbar, or TV via HDMI, try the following: It’s fairly rare, but on occasion, your HDMI, optical, or component cables can be faulty. Can't even contact Roku to complain about it. ), it’s always a good time for CBS programming.. CBS. BBC iplayer and My5 will not. Remove the battery cover from the back of the remote. On iOS devices without a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and slide your thumb or finger to the right in one continuous motion. Check your app store for updates to your AT&T TV and Roku apps. I can not send any commands to the Roku. If you own a Roku Streaming Stick or Streaming Stick+ and they’re plugged into an HDMI port on the rear panel of your TV, an HDMI extender cable could help move the Stick away from the main body of the TV, thereby reducing any interference the TV could be causing. More Less. In these cases the best way to fix your Roku problems is to try and reset your Roku. How to update, restart, and reset your Roku, Roku will send you one of these cables for free, moving your Wi-Fi router, or adjusting its external antennas, The most common Wi-Fi problems and how to fix them, Is Wi-Fi too unreliable? If this doesn’t help, the next step is to restart both the Roku device and the remote: If the restart procedure doesn’t fix your problem, you may need to re-pair the remote to your Roku: In rare instances, wireless signal interference can cause problems with enhanced remotes. To do this, on your Roku go to Settings --> System --> System Update and then press the "Check now" button. You can browse programmes but soon as you make a programme selection the app exits back to the roku menu screen. Call or chat with a Tech Pro 24/7. But none of those things will work if the app can’t find your Roku device. Roku devices are usually highly dependable, but here are two situations where the hardware itself can experience problems. Assuming you’re actually connected to Wi-Fi, the signal strength will be listed as Excellent, Good, Fair, or Poor. All rights reserved. So now I don’t know what to do. Selecting a show on that watchlist allows to to go to the show page to select episodes. I haven't watched Gravitas or Viewster, but ShoutFactory said (somewhere, I can't find the link [EDIT: Found it]) that they were aware of the issue and were working on it. Visit our Blog to catch up on the latest Community news, tips for your Samsung products and much more! Here’s how to check and correct: Upgrade your lifestyleDigital Trends helps readers keep tabs on the fast-paced world of tech with all the latest news, fun product reviews, insightful editorials, and one-of-a-kind sneak peeks.Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. If this happens, you’ll see an on-screen warning message appear in the top right corner of your screen. For instructions linking your Roku device, review the activation steps. With a mesh network, your main router will broadcast to a series of smaller “nodes” throughout your home. The above instructions assume your Roku is still responsive and gives you the option of using the on-screen menus. Powerline networking may be what you need, How to fix problems with your MacBook’s Wi-Fi, These are the best cheap Roku deals for January 2021, The most common Xbox One problems and how to fix them, The best cheap home security camera deals for January: Arlo, Nest, Ring, EZVIZ. Check for software updates for … Notes: During the activation process, you will be required to go to the website your computer or smartphone and enter the link code displayed on your Roku device, e.g., “XD12G”. So now I don’t know what to do. Here’s a list of the most common Roku problems and how to fix them. This method works only if you can still navigate the menus in your Roku. Some of the reasons why you may encounter this problem include the following: When the app is not updated. Community If that's good, remove/add the channel. Normally your Roku will choose the best bitrate to use automatically — one that matches your network connection speed — but on rare occasions, setting this manually needs to happen. Make sure both devices are using the exact same Wi-Fi network. When there is no active network on your device. It’s possible that network access to your Roku has been disabled. From The Big Bang Theory to Survivor and Late Night shows to sports (who else is excited for March Madness?! Try uninstalling, restarting, and clearing cache on Roku. This means that all of your settings including downloaded channels and network preferences will be wiped out. I only this Roku make a profit with every stick they still, they receive payment every time an app is downloaded by the owner of the app, ie Amazon YouTube etc, and every time it's used. Though rare, occasionally the HDMI cables themselves are the problem. On set-top devices like the Roku Ultra, it’s usually a recessed button that requires a paperclip or other small, pointed object to press. When there is no active network on your device. However, now and then the handshake doesn’t happen when the devices connect, or the handshake gets interrupted. This can be frustrating if you don’t have an extra set handy, but the good news is that all three types are inexpensive and you can find them at your local retailer or online. Causes of Xfinity Stream App Not Working. If your Roku device has an Ethernet port and you’re able to connect it to an Ethernet cable, this is an easy way to test if it’s your Wi-Fi that’s at fault. Just below where the batteries sit, you may find a small button. Consumers are suffering tremendously with all these one off contracts, awful service from both companies. Streaming Sticks, and Roku Express — there’s a possibility it’s not getting enough power. After yesterday update of Plex Channel on my Roku Streaming Stick to version 4.4 (build 1) the subtitles are not displayed any more/not working. If so, they won’t see each other. Amazon Video app not working on Roku. Once it’s closed, tap on the Roku app icon to relaunch. Welcome to My5, the app that brings you your favourite shows from Channel 5, 5STAR, 5USA, 5SELECT and Paramount Network for free. @Roku and @Ask_Spectrum unable to reach agreement so no app working on Roku devices! As the name suggests, it returns your Roku to the same state it was in when you pulled it out of the box. First, make sure that your Roku operating system and app version are up to date. The My5 app is much slicker on my Roku Streaming Stick+ (as is picture quality), but of course shows ad breaks before-middle-end of programme. I've updated the t.v. Posted by 1 year ago. Hi I'm helping my mom with a problem for the actual roku channel app I've done everything it says to I even did a factory reset. Hello, thank you for reaching out here and glad to hear your issues seemed to be resolved. If you suspect this applies to your situation, you probably need to buy a new Premium High-Speed HDMI cable. Xfinity App TV • Why is my Xfinity app not working on my Roku?-----We believe that education is essential for every people. Restart your Roku device and ensure it is connected to the correct wireless network. Download Willow TV App and enjoy it on your Mobile, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android, Apple Tv & other IPTV Devices. Most of the time, IR signals can bounce off walls and ceilings to reach their target, but even then, if your Roku device is stuck behind another object, those IR signals won’t make it. I contacted Roku and they said it’s an issue with the Spotify app. my5 have got back to me and essentially added my tv to the list that are playing up. Select a lower bitrate and see if that solves the problem. If this happens, try the same procedure as above for HDMI devices and if you’re using an optical (TOSLink) cable, set HDMI and S/PDIF to PCM-Stereo. ... Firestick or Roku, or just keep using the Youview box. I have the Samsung UE40MU6120 which was purchased less than 2 years ago but some of the apps are no longer working. The most obvious response to an app not working on just about … Amazon temporarily suspended app access on Roku after Roku failed to pay Amazon the fees it charges  company to use their service on their platform on time. If that's good, remove/add the channel. If you still need assistance or have any other questions please feel free to reach out and create another post. You can keep using it as long as you don't delete the app. Digital Trends may earn a commission when you buy through links on our site. If this fails, you should contact your ISP. This is usually a compatibility problem with the audio format(s) you’re trying to play and the audio format(s) your connected gear can support. Think of an IR remote as a flashlight that shines a light that you can’t see. Sometimes, Roku devices will simply freeze up, and the remote appears to be completely unresponsive. This usually happens when people plug their USB power cable into an available USB port on their TV or their A/V receiver. Check that you’ve selected the correct input on your A/V receiver, HDMI switcher, or soundbar. If other channels are working correctly, and you only experience this issue on that channel (app), that is likely an indication that the issue lies within that particular channel. This occasionally happens when there's a contract dispute between Roku and the app owner. Showtime Anytime, A&E, and FXNow are particularly guilty of this. Subtitles not working after updating Plex Channel to version 4.4. The HDR calibration system fully explained, The best free streaming TV services right now, The best sci-fi movies on Amazon Prime right now, Spider-Man 3: Everything we know about the Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel, Use the remote’s directional pad right arrow button to highlight the Restart button and press. ds_reader Posts: 7,523. 0. Option 3 is to unplug the device for 60 seconds before plugging it back in. Weak IR signals can be another problem. HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection, and it’s a way of preventing people from copying movies and shows that they stream on devices like a Roku. This is the 3rd time I am having an issue with the app on my Roku tv. When this happens nothing can be done, it's up to Roku to fix the problem. Once it is back up, reinstall the app, and login again. If it still happens, you should contact Roku as it may indicate a more serious problem with your device. Agreed and Roku needs to pay their dam bills just like the rest of US do! To clear cache on Roku, first, you need to pair your Roku Remote with your device. Can Spotify fix the issue already? If you’re using a power strip or an extension cord, try plugging the adapter straight into a wall socket. Please select a different title.” I’ve now selected 6 movies & I get this screen after I try to play them. “Already have AT&T TV on your Roku device? A fix that seems to work in this instance, is to begin playback of the desired video, then: Some users have reported that their audio and video lose sync while playing content. If removing the channel and adding it back after you've restart the device does not resolve the channel issue, I'd recommend reaching out to the channel support directly to report the issue and request additional support. Check to see if your audio component’s mute function is on (if it is, turn it off). If it doesn’t, switch to plan B by using the physical reset button on your device. WeatherNation – Local weather forecasts tailored for you. Check the status of your Wi-Fi signal strength by going to Settings > Network. But now and then, this process doesn’t work. Before moving on to any other troubleshooting steps, try these first. It’s happens on a couple other apps too.