They are easy to take care of, breed and can live peacefully with other types of fish in a community tank. Juvenile angelfish can be kept in tanks as small as ten gallons, as long as there is a plan in place to re-house them as they grow. Learn how to Care for Angelfish in an aquarium, water parameters, what to feed, how to breed, tank set-up, types of angelfish, tank mates with supporting pictures & … Angelfish Minimum Tank Size You require a minimum of 20 gallons aquarium to house a pair of angelfish. They do well in a tropical community tank. Freshwater Angelfish Care. As for the fish habitat, this fish kind is widely spread in the rivers of Guyana, Surinam and French Guiana as well as in Amazon River basin on the East and in Amapa and Para states, Brazil. Re: Leopoldi Angelfish. Livestock: Rare F1 Leopoldi Angelfish (body size of 20 pence piece) Quantity for sale: Selling in groups of 6 fish (5 lots available) Reason for Sale: Bred from wild caught adults - ready to move on Delivery or Collection: Collection from near Preston, Lancs. Diet. Pterophyllum Scalare Red Marbled Angelfish. Senior Member . You can raise a small school of angelfish in an 80-gallon tank. This is especially true if you plan on getting multiple fish. This generous size of tank and type of set-up would help alleviate the problem of having to move the angelfish on later. Males grow larger than... Tank Mates : Avoid keeping them with larger So even if there are tank recommendations if it is within your budget opt for the largest tank you can get. Flame Angelfish profile. Once the fish was acclimated it began to size up the LPS coral in my tank. What would a good minimum tank size for a small group? The size of the angelfish as well as a host of other environmental variables are instrumental in determining how much space your angelfish will need to thrive. Tank size. Majestic Angelfish in mixed reef tank. They can live for 8-12 years with proper care. Maximum Size 4 inches Minimum Tank Size 55 gallons Tank Setup They are tropical fish. Description. When housing Angelfish, it’s a good idea to oversize your tank rather than under-size it. JavaScript is disabled. I think the question is basically answered. Keep in mind, the number of angelfish per gallon a tank can handle, will vary immensely from one situation to another. Tank Size and Setup. They do well in a tropical community tank. And for two 3 inch each angelfish you will have to get 6 gallon tank for the total 6 inch fish and extra 20 gallons for other stuff like plant, gravel, and decorations. They can live for 10-12 years with proper care. Jul 1, 2012 - Tropical Paradise Fish: Leopold's Angelfish - Pterophyllum leopoldi South America. This includes the domestic P. scalares, Peruvian altum angelfish, and the true altum angelfish. In this case, a tank size of 50 gallons at least, is recommended. Saltwater Angelfish; Saltwater Cardinal; Saltwater Crab; Saltwater Eel; Saltwater Goby; Saltwater Shrimp; Saltwater Snail; Seahorse; Sponges; Tangs; Trigger; Wrasse; Extras. What Size Tank Do Freshwater Angelfish Need? The largest of the species, their finnage and size make them beautiful fish in any aquarium. At that, the fish appearance to a great extent depends on its habitat and some fish populations have been considered as separate genus of the fish till quite recently. Below is an image of the Juvenile Imperator sizing up a Wilsoni frag. They can live for 5-10 years. They are rare. Freshwater Fish. You will need at least 80 gallons to keep a small school. Leopold's Angelfish, Longnose Angelfish Scientific Name Pterophyllum leopoldi Family Cichlidae, Subfamily Cichlastomatinae Origin South America Temperament Peaceful. Pterophyllum are a long bodied Angelfish possibly related to Mesonauta (the Festivums) Cross-breeding Angels is not the same thing as creating a hybrid, and shouldnt be released within a range of other species. Location: The Netherlands. Minimum Tank Size: Thirty gallons is the minimum, but I like to see adult angelfish in 55-gallon tanks or larger. Add content to this section using the sidebar. From the top of the dorsal fin to the bottom of the ventral fin an adult angelfish may measure six or eight inches tall, with some specimens growing much larger. The ideal tank size for a single or a pair of Angelfish is 30 gallons and the more you have, the bigger the tank required.