If any of these offer you the secondary stats to maximize Greedo’s other stats, you really cannot go wrong. Mods Advisor Articles related to the Mods Advisor app : explaining our choices. He'll need it for speed down, especially if you opt for a TMR toon in place of Phasma. STAR WARS © & TM document.write((new Date()).getFullYear()); Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Power 33193; Speed 129; Health 33,066 SWGoH: Best Mods for Dengar TOPICS: Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter contracts Dengar Mods 2.0. From SWGoH Help Wiki. Still managed over 5 mil with ease. No great stats on any of the mods, they're not a team I really use at all and didn't remod them for this. Has anybody ever tried dengar in arena? Status Debuff: Dispellable Yes Resistible Yes Copyable Yes Details. Mod Store. If your interested in just applying his tenacity down on say the rancor potency doesnt mean anything. Posted By: ljcool110 November 9, 2017. This, Full Phoenix Squadron mods tips now online New characters have been added to the mods advisor app http://apps.crouchingrancor.com/Mods/Advisor We'll try to quickly explain our changes and mods tips, New characters added : Darth Nihilus, Sith Assassin, Sith Trooper New characters have been added to the mods advisor app http://apps.crouchingrancor.com/Mods/Advisor We'll try to quickly explain our changes and. Mods Manager Importer (using Google Spreadsheet). Gamorrean Guard. SWGOH Top 100 Guilds(GP) Mod Meta Report Most common mod sets and primary stats for characters in our DB Arena Rank 1 Arena Rank 1-10 Arena Rank 1 … This is very detrimental to the Geonosians since their strategy is based around assists. 48 dads with dad level commitments to a mobile game. Jump to:navigation, search. I like to sub them in for Wedge/ Biggs when feeling like a desert thug! Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes - Territory Battles Explained By A Developer - … Make sure you sign up your account on https://swgoh.gg/ so you can see your mods! Thanks to PopGoesTheWza Jump to:navigation, search. Canderous Ordo. Potency isn't so important, but it couldn't hurt to add some. dengar tenacity down works only if he does crit, get 3x 2crit chance Mods the triangle mod main stat also crit chance otherwise give him some speed to cycle his cooldown faster, Potency is a waste on him, as his stun does not work on rancor anyhow and with tenacity down will work just fine in credit heist, i have given mine some protection and defense to help him stay in the battle. We, Mods advice for the legendary droid R2-D2, as well as General Veers after his revision. Whenever an enemy evades Dengar’s attack, he gains +60% Turn Meter. Description Character loses 5% (0.01% for raid bosses) of max health each turn. It is reliant on the hit being a crit. I don't often get a chance to solo huge chunks of the raid, due to our raid rules. Also need mod info on Nebit and Scavenger. I started late so I didn't get to go as far as I could have before the finalisation period ended. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc. Hey guys, as the title says what is the best way to mod dengar? Assists falls under 4 types of application; Self, Call Ally, Call Summon, and Call All Allies. Mods will randomly appear in the store, giving you a chance to preview them before you purchase them with crystals or credits. Power 33193; Speed 129; Health 33,066 Is it still worth omega ing his basic attack with all 2xmods? Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. Join the Dads Hideout SWGOH Guild! Name Gear Level Mod Set Total Speed Boba Fett: 12 Crit Damage / Potency Cross 222 Greedo: 7 Potency 197 Dengar: 9 Potency 181 Zam Wessel: 10 Potency 178 Cad Bane: 11 Potency 142 … Whenever this ability's effects trigger, Dengar recovers 3% Health and Protection. I pair Dengar with Phasma and time her advantage with his bombs. There's a support Discord Server : discord.gg/2AYfBf3 for all your needs. Mod your Jawas for survivability (e.g. But what do you do after you have your account? Dengar gear levels, materials and recipes for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes! Darth Vader. As your guest reviewer I cannot claim to have definitive answers but all toons I’ve written guides for have been … Protection, Health, Crit Avoidance). News & Dev Posts; SWGOH Reddit; SWGOH EA Forums; Units; Stats; GAC Meta; Database; Guilds; News; Log In; Log In Remove Ads.