His captain, CT-7567 "Rex," was shot and injured during the battle, forcing Kix, Jesse and Hardcase to leave him in a local homestead for his safety. While we endevour to locate and fix faults as quick as possible, we also rely on you, our listeners to inform us of any issues you might be experiencing. We will explain where Noah Ritter AKA The apparently kid went and what happened to Noah Ritter. What happened to event videos for major events. Lv 5. [9], Krell was able to escape into the Umbaran jungle, with the clones closely pursuing him. In the turmoil, Kix requested help in getting the wounded to safety, to which Rex quickly came to assist. This was evident as the band stepped back into the limelight at Rocklohoma 2008 in front of 20,000 fans and again in 2014 when " Rock Your Face Off " debuted at #1 on Amazon's Hard Rock and Metal Chart as well as entering the Top 50 in Billboard's Top 200 Albums . Fives then vaguely told Kix, that the clones, and the Jedi had all been framed, and were all in grave danger. The enemy forces proved relentless in their efforts, and the 501st took heavy casualties despite gaining new ground. On one of the nights following their arrival, Kix and Jesse were socializing at the clone bar, 79's. Most major events use to have event videos or even videos with good narration and cinematic, but now we only get a little description and a character displayed. The new-look SPTN UK channel will go live on Freeview channel number 208, Sky channel 627 and Freesat channel 604, targeting six to 10 year-old boys with a line-up of “cheeky comedy”. He explained to them that he had learned a terrible truth about his fellow clone troopers, that the biochip implanted in their heads—supposedly to stop them from being controlled—was actually in place to command and force the clones into complying to betray and kill their Jedi generals. Kix isnt the type to really care about that stuff. Kix were on top of the world -- if only momentarily, but problems were looming on the horizon. Dolly Parton Makes A 'Call For Kindness' … Our promise is simple: we’ll always give you a cereal that provides good nutrition your kids need and great taste your kids love. After hearing this, Kix told Rex he sounded just like General Krell. Fives tells Kix of a terrible conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels of the Republic. Male[2] The ship subsequently began falling apart, with the Crimson Corsair ordering that he and his crew leave immediately, taking the unconscious Kix with them. Before Kix and the team left to continue their search for the escape pods, Rex gave Jesse the responsibility of leading the search party. While giving a report to General Skywalker, Kix announced he didn't look too good, and was in a trance. According to Walker, Kix stopped shaving because of the sorrow he felt every time he looked in the mirror as he was reminded of his fallen comrade brothers who he was unable to save. Upon entering, he spotted Kix, and followed him into the bathroom. (Wow! The men trekked across the rough Umbaran terrain for 12 hours straight, which led Kix to worry for his brothers' increasing fatigue. [3] On the left side of his head, Kix had a tattoo that read, "A GOOD DROID IS A DEAD ONE," in Aurebesh. What Happened To Vessel Video? we had a massive thunderstorm last night could be the rest of the country is still disconnected leaving me the only person on the web today. [4], Upon joining the crew of the Meson Martinet, Kix stopped shaving his head and grew out thick black hair, in addition to a beard, and this covered the tattoo on the side of his scalp. [2], Upon arriving at the nearby homestead, a female Twi'lek, Suu, greeted the clones warily, pointing a rifle at the intruders. He got into music at a young age which eventually lead him to Nashville where he started his career writing hit songs for other artists such as … Kix later participated in the Battle of Anaxes, a lengthy campaign between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems over the planet of Anaxes. 1.83 meters[1] In 21 BBY, Kix fought at the Battle of Saleucami, where he served under the command of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi. 0 0. Deni Ute Muster Announce 2021 Lineup (MEDIA RELEASE) Dec 09, 2020. Listen Now on iHeartRadio The band's financial matters were in a state of complete disarray. Outraged by this, Fives decided to take matters into his own hands, defying the general by gathering together Hardcase and Jesse to help him out with his mission. Although Count Dooku was never able to actually deal with Kix personally, Kix was never able to tell the Jedi the truth of the bio-chips in the clone troopers, and Order 66 was carried out, with the subsequent extermination of the Jedi. [5] His clone armor sported light blue markings. Biographical information After a few shots, it eventually made a direct hit on the gunship causing it to crash into the surface of the planet. KIX announced the … Believing the trooper to be deceiving them, the Separatists planned to send him to the Sith themselves, and in turn, brought him on board a Separatist cruiser known as the Obrexta III. Clone trooper Fives had been framed for attempting to murder Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, after discovering the truth behind the reasoning that Tup had executed Jedi Master Tipar, and while on the run from Republic forces, sought refuge in the bar. We actually know what happened to Kix! They soon realized that the colony was extremely quiet, noting that nobody had seen a single colonist at all, leaving Rex to theorize that the Separatists could potentially be using them as living shields. [4], En route to the downed Separatist ship, the various different groups clashed, with a huge battle taking place at one point between Sidon Ithano's crew and a swoop biker gang known as the Gray Gundarks. Rex attempted to change the irrational Jedi's mind about court-martialing Jesse and Fives, but this only made things worse. As Rex and Krell bickered, they received a transmission from a clone, who claimed that the Umbarans had attacked them, stealing their weapons and armor. Seems like the guy fell off the face of the earth? With no other options in sight, the droid made the decision to jump through hyperspace to a random sector in the galaxy, where the Republic would have no chance of finding it. Favorite Answer. Kix was alive sometime 30 years after the Battle of Endor. Kix, being a medic, was assigned to examine Tup and figure out what happened. Flight of the Falcon, Part 5: Grand Theft Falcon–class. CV: KIX fans are tried and true... dedicated doesn't even begin to describe them. Krell ordered that the clones must press on with the attack. While Kix's name or number are not used in. Kenobi and Grievous engaged in a lightsaber duel as the Confederate shuttle approached them, eventually coming to a stop as it hovered above the escape pod. KIX released "Fuse 30 Reblown" on September 21, exactly 30 years after "Blow My Fuse"'s original September 19, 1988 release date. Kix isnt the type to really care about that stuff. Kix-Band.com. [1] Early on in the Clone Wars, the Jedi became increasingly desperate to capture the commander of the Separatist droid army, General Grievous. Kix treats a wounded clone trooper on Kiros. Kix strongly disagreed with his sentiment, stating that they couldn't simply leave the men behind, to which Rex told him that it was more important to save himself in the given situation, and if they survived, he would be able to patch up the wounded later. [10], Following the events of the Ringo Vinda campaign, the 501st legion returned back to Coruscant. Kix lay in stasis, and the ship remained untouched for the next 50 years. He seemed startled and shell-shocked, finding it hard to breathe properly and gasping for air. As his unit moved into the dark woods, they were ambushed and returned fire. After he was rescued by the pirates, Kix would join them. He refuses to do any reunion shows with the rest of the band, and has remained out of the public eye. During the attack on the Umbaran airbase, Kix made an effort to take care of the injured and complained that Krell's plan would result in too many clone casualties. [7], When Advanced Recon Commando CT-27-5555 "Fives" and clone trooper CT-5597 "Jesse" betrayed General Krell's order—to not destroy the Confederacy of Independent Systems supply ship—Kix was one of the troopers that was preparing to execute Fives and Jesse. As a result of his brash reaction, the medical droid was forced to sedate him. How to stop a runny nose. A B1 battle droid known as B1-CC14 fell to the conclusion that the ship was in no shape to go to Serenno, as well as being on strict orders for Kix to not fall into the hands of the Republic by any costs. As a trained clone trooper medic, Kix believed that when it came to the health of his comrades, he outranked them. Chasing after Grievous, Kenobi gathered a team of clone troopers, including Kix, to hunt down the cyborg General on Saleucami. Unbeknownst to them, two commando droids were watching them from afar, and utilizing a sniper rifle, shot at Rex, instantly knocking his off his speeder. The trooper was awoken by a crew of Pirates, known as the Meson Martinet. He pleaded that he needed to make contact with Rex or Skywalker immediately, to which Kix gave the advice that Fives should turn himself in. What Happened To Vessel Video? The ship, along with B1-CC14 and the other droids on it, lost their power as a result of the crash, where they would remain lifeless for many years to come. He refuses to do any reunion shows with the rest of the band, and has remained out of the public eye. Kix was able to save as many of the injured as he could, calling for cover from Rex, Dogma, and Jesse as he administered temporary stimulants to the fallen troopers. Answer Save. Kix was later incorporated in the short story "The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku," written by Landry Q. Walker, which was set in around the same time period as Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. [2] The team found the wreckage of Grievous' ship,[5] and Commander CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody," told Kenobi that the ship had crashed recently. The clones soon received word that an attack from the Umbarans was inevitable, so Rex made the uneasy decision that it was best to execute Krell so that he could not escape via the Umbaran attack. Kik . He took great concern for Rex's health, and advised Jess… Parts of this article have been identified as no longer being up to date. It was able to rip through the clones with ease, causing many casualties. There was only one problem—there was only one escape pod, and not enough room for the entire crew. Artist Eric Jones made concept of his for the comic appearance. He took great concern for Rex's health, and advised Jesse and Hardcase that in order to see the full extent of Rex's injury, he had to remove pieces of Rex's armor. They then quizzed that it could have been the work of biological warfare, and that the enemy had drugged him into killing the Jedi. He also made a cameo, as his later self, in the short comic Star Wars Adventures Ashcan, also written by Walker. There, the crew of pirates managed to decode an old transmission dating back to the Clone Wars from B1-CC14, who was desperately attempting to send out a distress signal. Kix told Rex that he was in no condition to fight and that he should rest. Informing the Bad Batch of the situation, and where to go forward, Crosshair disagreed, and then interrupted and then began questioning the extent of Rex's leadership skills if they were forced to bring in The Bad Batch to give them aid. Being their medic, Kix immediately swerved backwards to protect the unconscious captain, while Jesse and Hardcase followed the snipers. Kix also took part in the capturing of Jedi General Pong Krell alongside his captain. Species Well he's literally out about 200 hours into eve online in about 2 weeks so my guess is that he's just bored of siege and is enjoying eve atm. Later in the evening, after moving away from the crash site, the group had set up camp for the night. I’ve continued to play shows with Kix over the years. "KIX". Kix gripes at his Captain while Hardcase happily describes what happened to him in detail. What happened to Donnie Purnell of KIX? Kix was eventually able to discover the truth for himself, learning that the biochip implanted in every clone soldier's head could send out an order directly from the Chancellor to betray and kill the Jedi. Kix then came to the conclusion that the only way they could be certain what had happened was to send Tup to Kamino, in order to be fully examined. Rex did not agree with this plan; however, they followed through with the order. [9], In the latter part of the war, Kix participated in the Battle of Ringo Vinda, a military campaign in which the 501st, led by Jedi Master Anakin Skywalker were sent to defeat Separatist forces on a space station surrounding the planet of Ringo Vinda. Fives then vaguely told Kix that the clones and the Jedi had all been framed, and were all in grave danger. How software quality can lead to business success? Upon entering, he spotted Kix, and followed him into the bathroom. After Rex handed the leading position to Jesse, Kix cooperated with Jesse's orders that were given to himself and Hardcase.[2]. Kix was among the men in the firing squad, who—upon being ordered to execute their brothers—refused, instead purposely missing and hitting the wall behind them. While Jesse and Hardcase destroyed the commando droids, Kix began examining his injuries, discovering that Rex was still alive, but it was severe and he had been shot 2 inches away from his heart. A clone trooper was injured, but the trooper was cared for by Kix. When two commando droids attacked the clones, Rex was shot in the chest.