For a little more space than that, you could also consider going with rotomolded coolers from Cabela's and RTIC -- the ones I tested were both bigger than advertised at 61.3 quarts and 72.9 quarts, respectively. Spring is coming -- and if you want frosty drinks on hand for outdoor gatherings, you'll need a reliable cooler to hold the cold. The standout feature of the Coolest is the blender that lets you make fresh, blended drinks in the throes of an outdoor party away from the comforts of a kitchen. The Coolest Cooler is the Swiss Army knife of outdoor equipment. If you're willing to pay a little extra, you can customize your cooler with extras like a built-in prep board for campsite cooking, stainless-steel bottle holders or even a $54 "Bikr Kit" that makes it easy to tow the Rollr behind a bike (though, at almost $400 for the cooler, I wish at least one or two of these kits came included). The blender and its control lever are built into the smaller left lid, and there are four cup holders built into the right lid. They essentially tied in my performance tests, so picking between them really comes down to taste. Let's round up some of its best gems. The 1-year warranty on the RTIC cooler is shorter than you'll get with most other rotomolded options, but if you just want a rotomolded cooler with the most capacity for the cash, it fits the bill. Best CPU Coolers For You. And can any of the cheaper ones keep up? For instance, the Bison Gen 2 Cooler goes so far as to advertise itself as an ideal casting platform to stand on during your next fishing trip, and even sells nonslip traction mats for the lid in a variety of designs. You can find more design quibbles like these in my individual reviews of each cooler. That RTIC cooler was also one of our top value picks, at least as far as the expensive rotomolded coolers are concerned. The Cabela's cooler offers slightly more space inside (about 3 quarts' worth), and it includes clever bottle openers built into the rubber latches. Chief among your options are a growing number of heavy-duty, "rotomolded" coolers that deliver thick, dense insulation that's superior to traditional coolers, but they tend to cost a lot more than you might be used to paying for a cooler -- even hundreds of dollars more. Meanwhile, the Orca cooler comes in better-looking colors, and it's a bit more comfortable to carry since it doesn't have rigid molded handles that jut out over top of the roped handles. Lots of insulation means that the Yeti can do more with less. Check out the RTIC 65. From picnics in the park to the beach, we carted these models everywhere to learn which are portable and enjoyable to use. Looking for something eye-catching that'll stand out the next time you're tailgating? You're getting a lot of extra insulation, but at the expense of capacity. Cabela's Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler, $350   Orca Classic Cooler, $340. If there's enough reader interest, I'll test them all out down the road and update this post accordingly. YETI Hopper Flip Portable Cooler. The company has more than just electric pressure cookers. If we're going to talk about performance, we have to talk about capacity, too. I was able to fill the Lifetime High Performance Cooler with 62.4 quarts of water without causing it to overflow when I shut the lid. The hefty 20-volt, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that powers the blender and USB charger is located beneath the left lid. Searching for a great show to watch? But the blender disappoints in its performance and versatility. Du hast Zweifel daran, dass du cool genug bist? The Coolest Cooler began as a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 that touted the project as "a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion." In fairness, we've only tested a couple of wheeled coolers so far, and the Rollr was the only one that I'd be happy to own. Wählen Sie einfach, welche Art von Bild Ihnen gefällt. Plus, it's sturdy enough to sit on, which could come in handy during your next camping trip. If a small cooler is all you need, it'll do the job. Der Luftreiniger lief dabei rund um die Uhr, vorwiegend im Auto-Modus, und sorgte stets für angenehmes Raumklima. Check out the best CPU coolers for 2021 on our list, and see which one is most ideal for you. Though it wasn't quite as strong of a performer as the Yeti or Orca, it still finished our tests with above-average cooling capabilities, and it was, by far, the easiest and most comfortable cooler to transport from point A to point B, as long as we didn't have to carry it for very long. I'll update this periodically. Jeder hat eine andere Auffassung von cool, doch es gibt bestimmte Eigenschaften, die alle coolen Mädchen und Jungen miteinander verbinden. With walls that are about 2.75 inches thick, it's insulated better than any other cooler that I've tested to date, which is key for performance in a portable cooler -- and also more insulation than you get from the stainless steel Yeti V Series, which costs a whopping $800. „Der Pure Cool ist schnell aufgestellt und einfach zu bedienen. Did we miss a cooler that you're interested in? The only other thing I'll say here is that I'm still surprised not to see more of the high-end options try to separate themselves from the pack with clever bonus features like a built-in battery for charging your devices while you camp outdoors (or better yet, a solar panel). It keeps your food and drinks cold, not for a super long time, but for long enough. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Recool didn't hold the cold quite as well as Styrofoam when I tested it out, but it still performed as promised. The 7 Best Coolers For Camping – [2021 Reviews] Casey Fiedler Last Updated: January 14, 2021. The temperature down in the ice would have been roughly the same in all of the coolers, leaving retention as the only real variable. Check out Pelican. Die App-Verbindung zum Gerät verlief unterbrechungsfrei, die Steuerung problemlos. Is the Coolest cooler than being cool? Letzte Preis-Updates: (19.01.21, 18:58 Uhr), Sonstige Shops (20.12.20, 15:32 Uhr) Link kopiert. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I wanted to get a good sense of performance not just days in, but hours in, before any of the ice had even melted at all. Best AIO Water Cooler: 5 Best Liquid CPU Coolers in 2020 & 2021 The top picks in 2019 for the best AIO water cooler ranging from compact to massive and from silent to powerful. Run, jump, slide, and dive into the flag! Archery World Tour . After 48 hours, it was the only cooler that still hadn't returned to room temperature. Looking for more great shows like WandaVision? There's also a bottle opener with a magnetic cap catcher next to the storage compartment. Last year, you asked to see reviews for coolers from Pelican, RTIC and Cabela's, so we made sure to include them this time around. By Kevin Lee. The Rovr Rollr wheeled cooler fared much better, thanks to a rugged design that features heavy-duty wheels, a sturdy steel handlebar and an optional $50 accessory that lets you tow it behind your bike. If you want a hard cooler that feels modern and fancy, but you aren't ready to dish out hundreds of dollars for a rotomolded model, consider the Lifetime High Performance Cooler, which I found on sale at Walmart for $97. To do that, I started with a modified version of the ice retention test. It may be one of the most expensive air coolers we've tested but Noctua's flagship NH-D15 is our top choice for high-end air coolers. The World of PC Building. That's several quarts less than the 45 quarts implied by the product name (nice try, Yeti). Having spent some time with it, I can say this cooler has a lot to love, especially if you enjoy outdoor entertaining. 299,90 EUR . And while we haven't tested any soft coolers, electric coolers, backpack coolers or other offshoot categories, it's something we might look into in a future update, so let us know in the comments if there are any specific coolers you're interested in, especially soft ones. Here are some of the best movies Netflix has to offer. Even the $4 Styrofoam control cooler did better than that. 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Neele - Entwickelt am: 24.12.2016 - 31.553 mal aufgerufen - User-Bewertung: 3,8 von 5 - 15 Stimmen - 35 Personen gefällt es Wolltest du schon immer einmal wissen, ob du cool … Dyson Pure Cool Luftreiniger in der Frontansicht. But the smart countertop cooker still has trouble with toast. The Good The Coolest Cooler is the Swiss Army knife of outdoor equipment. Blast the enemy tanks with all new weapons! "The process is well underway to find the best partner, and then ramp up production and get every backer his or her Coolest as soon as possible. Only one-third of people who bought a Coolest during the company's 2014 Kickstarter campaign have received their cooler, said Susan Towers, Coolest's marketing director. Poptropica. Rotomolding is short for rotational molding, a manufacturing technique that literally spins the mold as the plastic is poured in. Give it a modest yank, and the whole lid comes right off -- and the cheap plastic wheels didn't leave me impressed, either. Less ice meant more of a challenge for the coolers, which would hopefully give us a more granular look at how well they perform relative to one another. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. If anything, the cheaper models were mostly conservative in their estimates, with ones like the Coleman Xtreme and Igloo Latitude wheeled coolers coming in several quarts more sizable than advertised. An LED light and the USB charger are also located on the left lid. Inside the Coolest, there's a removable insert that doubles as a cutting board. The Crock-Pot Express multicooker puts pressure on Instant Pot's turf. It's a cooler for someone who spends most of their year outside, likes blended drinks and doesn't want to make separate purchases for their party needs. chances we are your ultimate thermal solution provider. The split lid opens from the sides so you can independently access each section of the Coolest. The guide is broken down into two sections: the best air-based CPU coolers & the best closed-loop liquid coolers. Unfortunately, the battery's bulk limits how high you can pile ice or other items into the small side of the cooler. Here's everything I learned, starting with the coolers I think you should rush out and buy before your next camping trip or big family gathering. The Coolest started coming off the line in July 2015, and now anyone in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand can order one online -- for a whopping $485. Stick with an old-fashioned cooler like the ones I recommend above, and that isn't something you'll need to worry about. With 9-inch wheels and a frame built from stainless steel and aluminum, the Rollr is quite heavy even before you start loading cans, water bottles and other beverages into it. Are coolers like those actually worth their asking prices? Capacity varied from model to model, but I tried to keep things as close to 50 quarts as I could -- big enough for folks who want dozens of cold beers for your next outdoor gathering, but not too big if you're just looking for something to feed the family out of at your next picnic. The Coolest Cooler does a lot of things well. Hit the bullseye and score a perfect 10! Home Reviews Buying Guides Best AIO Water Cooler: 5 Best Liquid CPU Coolers in 2020 & 2021. Rovr pegs the capacity of its $400 Rollr wheeled cooler at 60 quarts, but I could only fit 52.8 quarts of water inside when I measured for myself. The Bottom Line Despite its high price (and so-so blender), the Coolest Cooler ultimately succeeds in creating a one-stop shop for portable power, cold drinks and hot tunes that's ideal for party-minded tailgaters, beachgoers and picnickers. 2 years ago . Grab your bike and hit the pool! Want us to test out soft-sided coolers? Our Editors independently research, test, and rate what we feel are the best products. That's all well and good, but I worried that a standard ice retention test on its own wouldn't tell us the whole story. Answers are multiple choice Your first answer is your final answer. Simply choose what kind of image you would like. Not sure what to watch tonight? Damit kann der Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link das ganze Jahr genutzt werden und säubert dabei noch die Umgebungsluft. Updated: 2 … Why elevated? Four plates and a ceramic knife are just a few of the helpful extras included in the Coolest. Cool Text Graphics Generator Cool Text is a FREE graphics generator for web pages and anywhere else you need an impressive logo without a lot of design work. The Coolest Cooler is a 55-quart cooler equipped with cool extras like a USB charger, Bluetooth speaker and built-in blender. Air, water, light and being cool. However, at this point, we can't estimate exactly when this will happen," Grepper wrote. It can blend your frozen drinks, not perfectly smooth, but smooth enough. Cool Information. I think that's a reasonable trade, but I wish Yeti were more transparent about it. I popped in some thermocouples to measure the Coolest's internal temperatures over a 4-hour period. The Bad It's a $485, AU$657 cooler with a blender that's just so-so. The best way to test portability is to carry a cooler around. Quasi neben ist er auch Ventilator und Befeuchter. The Coolest uses smart design to fit in a host of extras. If you have $500, then yes, most successful Kickstarter campaign at the time. It only promises 12 hours of ice retention, and at 18 quarts, it doesn't offer room for much more than six cans or so -- but hey, that's still enough for a quick day trip to the beach with a buddy. After several weeks of hands-on testing and countless ambient temperature readings, we were ready to separate the winners from the also-rans. The Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee keeps a running list of certified options, which includes a number of coolers from this rundown. That said, the Coolest has some flaws, specifically with the limitations of the blender. It's also bigger than both of those pricier options, coming in at a bigger-than-advertised 62.4 quarts. To that end, I carefully filled each cooler with water, measuring out the exact number of quarts each one could hold before I was no longer able to close the lid without spilling. In our 70-degree test lab, the Igloo Recool held our test beverages below 40 degrees for a good 15 hours before things started to heat back up. If you just want a dependable cooler that's not too expensive, put the Igloo MaxCold at the top of your list. The back of this compartment is magnetic, so you can stick the included wine opener in the compartment without having to worry about it getting away. Cool werden. Füllen Sie dann ein Formular aus und Ihr Bild wird sofort erstellt. The insert divides the Coolest into two compartments -- a large space for drinks and/or food and a smaller section for blender ice (because no one wants a frozen margarita with ice that's been keeping a pack of bologna cold). Upgrading from air cooling is easier than you think . That might be in part because the Yeti's walls are considerably thicker than the other coolers' -- which, in turn, is probably a big reason why the thing performed so well. Discuss: Best coolers of 2021: Cabela, Igloo, Yeti, Coleman and more, Read the full Igloo MaxCold Cooler review, Read the full Yeti Tundra 45 Cooler review, Read the full Lifetime High Performance Cooler review, Read the full Rovr Rollr 60 Cooler review, Ohana passed our tests with flying colors, Cabela's Polar Cap Equalizer Cooler (60 quarts) -- $300, Lifetime High Performance Cooler (55 quarts claimed, 62.4 quarts measured) -- $97, Coleman Xtreme Marine Cooler (70 quarts claimed, 76.1 quarts measured) -- $50, RTIC 65 Cooler (65 quarts claimed, 72.9 quarts measured) -- $231, Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler (50 quarts claimed, 58.1 quarts measured) -- $45, Rovr Rollr 60 Wheeled Cooler (52.8 quarts) -- $400, Lifetime High Performance Cooler (55 quarts) -- $97, production delays and decidedly unhappy customers, the comments on the Infinite Cooler's Indiegogo campaign. Basically, the Coolest Cooler will get you where you need to go, but you’re going to pay handsomely for that frozen-drink-filled, Bluetooth-music-thumping, frisbee-plate-throwing trip. Pelican's rotomolded coolers come in a wide range of great-looking colors, and each comes with a lifetime warranty -- they're worth a look if you just want something eye-catching. Is this Kickstarter record-holder enough of a … The next tests involved portability, build quality, and aesthetics of each ice cooler. Wählen Sie einen Stil für das Logo Most Popular - By Name. Go on, read through the comments on the Infinite Cooler's Indiegogo campaign, which blew through a March ship date with nothing to show for it. Bin ich cool? Wolltest du schon immer ein cooler Typ sein, der alles richtig zu machen scheint? Prices vary based on where and when you buy, but I scored mine on sale last year for $45. Apart from determining how many cans of beer each one will hold, size and shape will obviously have an impact on performance, too. Mit Hightech macht der Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool Bakterien den Garaus. I say take your pick between them. I mean, come on -- the literal last thing you want from your cooler is to get burned by it. Ultimately, this is an entertaining product that works well overall and fulfills many needs of the (slightly tipsy) outdoor enthusiast. Im Test: »Sehr gut« urteilt »E Media« Hat der Pure PH01 Humidify+Cool von Dyson auch Schwächen? That's what I wanted to know, so I zeroed in on large, hard-sided coolers and turned to the usual suspects -- Rubbermaid, Igloo, Coleman -- and lugged their most popular models into the CNET Appliances test lab. Tracking the ambient temperature up above it was much more telling, and it gave us some additional variables to consider. And the worst? 1. Jetzt geht das britische Unternehmen noch einen Schritt weiter und integriert auch noch einen Heizlüfter. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. Between this year and last year, I've tested a total of 18 hard coolers, aiming always for a mix of low-end, high-end and in between, as well as a mix of wheeled and nonwheeled options. That's why a decent, dependable cooler makes for a particularly worthy splurge. Of course, Styrofoam buildup is a big problem in landfills these days, so for an eco-friendly alternative, go with the Igloo Recool. That meant putting those manufacturer capacity claims to the test, and I wanted a better, more universal metric than just counting how many cans I could cram into each one. Details like these solve problems you didn't even know you had. Meanwhile, for the same price the 58-quart Orca Classic Cooler came in right on the money at 58.1 quarts measured, and while it didn't hold its ice as long as the Yeti did, it still finished as one of our top performers. Please tell everyone ! Der Dyson Pure Cool tut, was er soll: Er sorgt für Abkühlung in mehreren Stufen und erkennt Feinstaub, Pollen und andere Stoffe in der Luft und filtert sie. It's 25 inches long, 19 inches wide and 18 inches tall (63.5x48.3x45.8cm) with a 55-quart capacity (almost 48 imperial quarts). The specific models I tested from Cabela's, Orca, and Yeti all make the cut, as does the 80-quart version of Rovr's wheeled cooler. Available at an REI co-op, grocery store, supermarket or gas station near you for about $10, the Recool is a reusable cooler made from recycled tree pulp with environmentally safe additives to help it hold water and keep things cold. You'll want to check out my full review of this bear resistant, heavy duty cooler to get a better sense of just how badly it smoked the competition, but a good analogy would be a horse that separates itself from the pack early on and wins its race in a breakaway finish. Nobody will see your answers - so be honest ! © 2021 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Passend zum heißen Sommer ist nun der Dyson Pure Cool Turmventilator bei uns eingetroffen. The underside of the left lid also has dedicated spots on which to sit the blender pitcher and lid when you fill it with ice, a minor detail that adds a lot of convenience. The Am I Cool test consists of 15 questions. These electric bikes will help you get around while public transit is limited. See More Reviews. We rated, reviewed, & compared 13 of the best CPU coolers on the market. Test your aim in online multiplayer! The new, expensive options all hang their hat on this test, with rotomolded coolers specifically designed to ace it (and in doing so, justify their price tags). And just like the Recool, the Ohana passed our tests with flying colors. The design is thoughtful and consumer-friendly, food and drinks stay cold over an extended amount of time, and the Bluetooth speaker and USB charger work well. I also liked that the interior comes with a divider that makes it easy to keep items you don't want getting wet separate from the ice, and that you can customize it with different interior liner designs. A pull-up handle and two sturdy back wheels make rolling the Coolest similar to transporting a heavy piece of luggage.